zen cart — HTMLarea editor not worked with some language

It’s bad news.I just found that HTMLarea not worked in some language,ie danish,swedish.When i turn on HTMLarea editor from the zen cart backend for one of my website,then i found the HTMLarea not show in the product edit page.

With the help of Web developer(firefox addon), i found the HTMLarea editor need to load htmlarea/lang/sv.js when the site default language is swedish.but the sv.js is not existed at all.that’s why the editor not work.

form the js file path htmlarea/lang/sv.js,i guess the js file located in the subfolder lang are used to store translation for the HTMLarea.so i excute the following command:

cd htmlarea/lang

cp en.js sv.js

after refresh the zen cart product edit page,the editor’s toolbar show out.This solution worked for all the other language that’s not supported by HTMLarea by default.The files under lang subfolder are usded to store tool tips for the corresponding language.


zen cart — how to turn on HTMLarea editor from the backend

You need an WYSIWYG editor to edit the product for example to insert a link to the product description. Without an editor, you will need to edit it somewhere else(ie. macromedia) and then copy / paste it to the zen cart backend.that’s really no good.

Don’t be too frustrated,however.Zen cart come with an WYSIWYG editor – HTMLarea.The only thing you need to to is to turn on it so that you can use it  in the product edit page.How to turn on the HTMLarea editor from the zen cart backend?

first,log into you zen cart website backend with the admin acct and password,

second, navigate to Configuration — My Store,in this page,find the “HTML Editor” configuration item(usually sencond to the last item)

thrid, edit the “HTML Editor”  , choose the ‘htmlarea’ option and save.

then go back to the product edit page,you will see the htmlarea editor.