php — how to detect spider/crawler with php

I am going to write a PHP script today that detects whether a search engine spider is crawling a page.With PHP, we can check the value of $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],a predefined variables which store the contents of the User-Agent: header from the current request, if there is one.

$pattern = ‘/(google|msnbot|MSNPTC|yahoo|Slurp|||DoCoMo|DoCoMo)/i’;
if ( preg_match($pattern, $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] === FALSE) { // not a spider

} else { // spider


You can find a list of search engine spiders/crawlers from

magento — translate words into other language for payment module

my new mangento payment module need multiple language support.Magento interface is translated with CSV localization files which was stored at the location of app/locale/[lang_folder],ie app/locale/en_us.OR you can use the built-in Inline translation tool which store the translation pair into’s much more convenience to translate via Csv localization files than the inline translation tool when you want to translate lots of string at a time.

First, i create an empty csv file named Mzcart_Pagbrasil.csv in app/locale/en_us/.I add a translation for test purpose:

“Powered by Pagbrasil”,”Powered by Pagbrasil—-”

Second,to make the new added csv localization file visible to magento, i need to update the config xml file of this module.add the config below to config.xml file under  config >> frontend path.


However,  the string “Powered by Pagbrasil” was not translated. I did clear the cache. After googling for a long time without any clue, i added a new string and it was translated,but the first string still not changed.

“Powered by Pagbrasil”,”Powered by Pagbrasil—-”        >>>>>>> still not translated.
“Please pay your order now”,”Please pay your order now@@@@@@@@@@@@”

what’s the problem?the problem is that php does not support utf8 with bom. a BOM-ed UTF-8 string will start with the three following bytes EF BB BF. php will treat this bytes as file content.this lead to the mismatch of the first string. you may find that all lang file provided by magento all encoded in utf8 without bom.

For more info you may refer to

magento — how to get Vat number/tax id

i am developing a new payment module under magento.Everything going through well as usual.However, this new payment module require a cutomer tax id. by default,magento didn’t show this field for customer.To make it available for all customer,log into magento backend, goto

System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > Create New Account Options [tab]

change the config of “Show VAT Number on Frontend” to “yes”.

so how to get the new added filed — customer vat number/taxt need to get billing or shipping model first.the code below as an example.

$billing  = $this->getOrder()->getBillingAddress();



apache — password protect your web resource only to external user

Think about  that an IT company would like to protect their example project from Internet user,but allow their customer to access with password.however,the developer would not like to input password.

if you wanted to let people on your network have unrestricted access to a portion of your website, but require that people outside of your network provide a password, you could use a configuration similar to the following:

Require valid-user
Allow from 192.168.1
Satisfy Any

you can put the config directive into a .htaccess file or enclose the config diretive with apache Directory directive.With the Satisfy Any directive the client will be granted access if they either pass the host restriction or enter a valid username and password.But please keep in mind that the config may not work if your server allow all user access by default.we should tweak the config to be more restricted.

Order Allow,Deny
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Restricted Resource”
AuthUserFile /var/users
Require valid-user

Allow from 192.168.1
Satisfy Any


Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Restricted Resource”
AuthUserFile /var/users
Require valid-user

Allow from 192.168.1
Satisfy Any